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Job Opportunities for today

Written By Mussa Muneja on Sunday, 20 July 2014 | 23:51

  • Print Manager 
    Dar Es Salaam 

    Apply Before: 23 Jul 2014
  • Jobmakini Link (T) Limited
  • Recovery Manager 
    Dar Es Salaam 

    Apply Before: 31 Jul 2014
  • EFC Tanzania M.F.C Limited
  • Pharmacist
    Dar Es Salaam 

    Apply Before: 30 Jul 2014
  • Excel Management and Outsourcing Company (T) Limited
  • Accountant
    Dar Es Salaam 

    Apply Before: 30 Jul 2014
  • Kelonome Ltd
  • Marketing officer
    Dar Es Salaam 

    Apply Before: 31 Jul 2014
  • Sunda (T) Investment Co. Ltd

On Friends and Places we Choose

" Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you, be careful with the friends you choose, will become like them." Clement Stone
This is the reality in which we cannot avoid, if you choose to surround yourself with leaders, you will become one; if you choose to surround yourself with followers you will become one; if you choose to surround yourself with positive thinking people, you will become one; but if you choose to surround yourself with pessimistic people you will become one! So concur with this statement. So choose today where you want your deeper affections to be!


Written By Mussa Muneja on Saturday, 19 July 2014 | 23:45

When your head is hit

            "Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick, do not loose faith." Steve Jobs
This could have been said when Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. He accepted and moved out, but later he came in with more innovations than ever! So do not loose faith!

Dr. Muneja Delivers a Guest Lecture to US Students and Their Professors (Enjoy the Pics)

Written By Mussa Muneja on Tuesday, 8 July 2014 | 05:57

Today Dr. Mussa S. Muneja, who is regularly consulted by TSRB (Ltd) for various matters,  he delivered a guest lecture at MS-Training and Community Development at Usa River. The audience was made of  MA and PhD students alongside their professors. These students and their professors come from University of St. Andrews which is located in the State of Minesota, USA.  This team of Education scholars is here in the country to fulfill their Summer Oversees Program.
Dr Muneja's lecture was entitled "Overview of Tanzania Education Sector: A Highlight of Achievements and Challenges." This lecture lasted for approximately one hour and there was another half an hour for questions and answers.

With academic poise, Dr Muneja surveyed the achievements and challenges of Tanzania Education Sector beginning with the New Education Ordinance which was released immediately after independence. He also spoke how the Arusha Declaration and Musoma Resolution have deeply defined Tanzania Education System. The paper progressed to touch the macro-policies of UPE, PEDP I & II and SEPD I & II. Moreover the paper also critiqued Tanzania Higher Education Sector. After that the paper talked on how civil societies like HakiElimu, Twaweza and Legal  and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) are contributing as watchdogs of Tanzania Education Sector. 
Dr Muneja paper also covered the role of Religious organisations in the Education sector. Toward the end Dr Muneja compared how Tanzania measures itself with other East Africa Countries.  In the conclusion he gave the following recommendations:

1. The future of Tanzania Education sector relies heavily on the government to increase funding on education sector. The fund will not only improve infrastructures but also increase the salaries of teachers.

2. The future of Tanzania education depends of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to INVOLVE all stakeholders and TEACHERS principally in designing the curriculum  as well as its assessment procedures.

3. The future of Tanzania Education depends on Teachers to exhibit a patriotic spirit in loving their profession as well as the learners

4.The future of Tanzania Education depends on the government’s willingness to LISTEN to the CRIES of teachers instead of  ‘running to court,’ to silence Teachers’ demonstrations

5.The future of Tanzania education depends on the government to stop ‘POLITICIZING EDUCATION,” this is mainly related to the issue of LOWERING THE GRADING SYSTEM so that the Government may be seen doing a great work

6. The future of Tanzania Education depends on the general public to invest in improving the infrastructure of schools instead of sitting back and complaining!

Perhaps the most impressive aspect in this presentation, is that it was critical to the system, and at the same time  patriotic enough to defend our nation!  Dr. Muneja also demonstrated a calculated rhythm and pitch during delivery. Dr. Muneja is a mark of an experienced orator.

At the end of these presentations, Dr. Muneja was asked to give ONLY one wish to be delivered to the President of Tanzania via Dr. Ombeni Sefue who is the executive secretary of the president. The request was asked by Dr. Jean-Pierre Bongila, who is also the Associate Professor, Director, International Leadership Program in the School of Education at University of St. Thomas. In responding  Dr. Muneja, hesitated briefly and then he said, "The government ought to triple its budget on education, since we are holding the tail within East Africa. He added teachers pay should be given the first priority, since a motivated teacher, can deliver even under a tree!
During the end of this lecture, I had an opportunity to talk to Dr. Artika Tyner who is an attorney and educator at the same University, she said, "Even in USA we have our own educational issues, the secret is to keep finding sustainable alternatives."

By Wilfred Nyamos"
The Executive Director (TSRB Ltd)
                                               Masters and PhD Students listening carefully!
                             Dr Muneja is emphasizing a particular point on Tanzania Education Sector
  Dr Muneja posing with Dr. Artika who is also a writer, educator and community advocate in USA
Dr Muneja is posing with  Professor  Jean-Pierre Bongila, this person was the leader of the group

                           This is another view of students who were very attentive during the lecture

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