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Written By Mussa Muneja on Wednesday, 10 September 2014 | 02:38

These words were spoken on the on going organised seminars by ATAPE in collaboration with the Government of Tanzania here in Mwanza. The seminars will take two weeks (8-19/09/2014) in  a prestigious facility called JB Belmont Hotel. The meeting was preliminary opened by Hon Kwilijila,  the Regional Administration Secretary (RAS). Tomorrow the meeting shall be officially opened by Ambassador Dr. Ombeni Sefue who is the Permanent Secretary to the President. The meeting shall be closed by the regional commissioner on 19/09/2014.
Dr Muneja and many other government and private officials will be presenting their papers daily as a strategy to enhance Public Private Partnership in the pursuit of social economic development. During yesterday's presentation, Dr Muneja challenged religious leaders to stop investing and feasting on the flock and claim it is God's blessing. Instead he advised them to register legal businesses through Tanzania Investment Commission. Kindly enjoy the attached pics.
JB Belmont Serengeti Conference Hall
                   Mr Mark Buyamba giving an introductory speech before inviting the Mwanza RAS
                  Mr Kwilijila (RAS) giving an preliminary opening speech
           Dr Muneja stressing a particular point integrating faith and religion in business endeavors
       Notice Mr. Makufuli (in yellow), he is one of the successful business persons in Mwanza city
                                    Another cross-section of participants in the seminar

A Look into the Last 23 Years (Enjoy the Pics)

Written By Mussa Muneja on Saturday, 6 September 2014 | 09:44

It was in January 1988 when I joined Nsumba Secondary School which is located in Nyegezi Area. This area is part of the mushrooming suburbs of Mwanza City. Today I had a privilege to visit my old school. It is a place where I used to get corporal punishments and student bullying to an extent of thinking quitting school.  But I never quit, because quitters never. All in all this school had a legacy of  good academics and I am happy it has remained so. It is a place where I had a foundation of the queens language. I was so excited to be there, someday I will be there to give a motivational talk. The plans are underway. Now enjoy the pics.
Mondlane dormitory has not changed its name! I slept here for 4 years! I encouraged these students never to give up!
It was great to be here, I do not regret
Kindly note the theme in the logo--LENGA MBALI--. It has not changed too. May be this theme influenced me to be a positive thinker

I am posing with the current headmaster of Nsumba Secondary School, Mr Zakeo. He joined Nsumba Secondary School in 1990 when I was in form 3. But today he is the headmaster. It takes years before rising!
In this room, I slept nicely for four years, but when I was in form one, it was not a pleasant room due to "viboko vya usiku" from notorious form two's.
The student in uniform if we count may be 20 years from now, he may be of great for the service to the nation. 


Written By Mussa Muneja on Friday, 29 August 2014 | 05:06

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training is inviting applications from qualified Tanzanians for a one- year Masters Degree under the Chevening Scholaships Program tenable in the United Kingdom in the year 2014/2015.

The Chevening Scholarships will cover:
· Tuition fees;
· A living allowance at set rate (for one individual);
· An economy class return airfare to the UK; and
· An additional allowance package.

· Applicants must be holders of bachelor degree with upper second class honours degree
· Applicants must be completed at least two years work or equivalent experience before applying for a Chevening Scholarship
· Applicants must be able to meet the Chevening minimum English language requirement
· Applicants must be able to obtain the correct visa, and receive an unconditional offer from a UK university.
· Further details of the eligibility criteria can be found at guidance

Mode of Application:
· All applications should be made online to the Chevening Scholarship through the Chevening Scholarships website before the closing date
·It is important that applicants before applying online, should read and understand all given instructions, and should attach all necessary attachment such as certified photocopies of academic certificates, transcripts, birth certificates and submit online through the below indicated link.
· Applicants must specify three courses according to your precedence that you wish to study to three universities and submit to these universities at the same time as, or before applying for a chevening Scholarships
· Applicants must demonstrate how you meet the chevening Scholarships selection criteria in your application.
· Further details of the online application process can be found at

All applicants who wish to be nominated by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, should print one hard copy of completely filled application form, attach with certified photocopies of academic certificates, transcripts, and birth certificate and submit them to the address below before 15th October, 2014.

The Permanent Secretary,

Ministry of Education and Vocational Training,

7 Magogoni Street,

P. O. Box 9121,


Showing up More Often

"I have found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. And show up more often." Brian Tracy
I agree with this statement fully. Most people wish to have luck in many things. For example people may want to get scholarship. But they take very few chances to apply! Others want to get married, but they do not show up often in social gatherings! Others want to be successful but they are simply inactive. So all the best as you think of this message in the course of this weekend.

Kweka Judysen Becomes the Salt of the Earth (View Pics)

Written By Mussa Muneja on Thursday, 21 August 2014 | 11:03

Today at Hosiana Church at Machame, I  represented the University of Arusha to bid farewell to our student, Mr. Judysen Kweka. I was also his supervisor for his MA thesis, of which he enjoyed a good grade before his accident that claimed his life. He hit a tree when he was coming from Monduli, on his way to Selian Hospital where his mother was also seriously sick. Few hours after the death of Kweka, his mother passed away too! Today so many people attended the memorial service, a rough estimation could be more than 5,000 people. He was such an honorable person.

                                Elder Kweka and the second born

On Becoming Who you Are

Written By Mussa Muneja on Wednesday, 20 August 2014 | 00:48

           " We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle
This saying is arguably true in either direction. It could be positive or negative. As humans we are in the process of forming habits on a daily basis. As we form habits, those which are not put repeatedly in practice fade away. However those which are constantly in practice tend to be consolidated in our lives. For example if a person is repeatedly doing physical exercise, he or she will be physically fit and may win trophies. On the contrary a person who is not regular on physical exercise will rarely become physically fit, and may never win a trophy unless if attained by corruption. This maxim applies to all areas of our lives

ECD Children Leaders Convention Closes at University of Arusha (Enjoy Pics)

Written By Mussa Muneja on Sunday, 17 August 2014 | 08:58

Yesterday it was a colorful Sabbath day. It was the eve of the 3 day convention of Children Leaders from all over East and Central Africa. One of the key presenters was Dr. Linda Koh, the Director of Children Ministries at Seventh-Day world headquarters in Silver Springs, Maryland, USA. The theme of the meeting was, Train up a child today, and build the church of tomorrow.'  There were many topics which were presented in order to equip the participants before retiring to their home countries. However the most impressive speech, was given by Pr Ruguri, who is the President of Seventh-Day Adventists Church in the region which covers the entire East and Central Africa. The speech was based on the story of David and Goliath. Although it is one of the famous story in the bible, but it came as a new story yesterday. With a lot of wit and sense of humor Elder Ruguri made the following points:
1. Never leave for assignment until you've received instructions from your father
2. The bigger the challenges the bigger the graces from God
3. Women can never dance until you have accomplished a major feat
4. Choose stones (methods) that matter
5. David had a philosophy of doing things which all people were afraid of

Enjoy the Pics
                                           Dr. Linda Koh on the left stressing a particular point

Prof Matiku, the University of Arusha Vice Chancellor (in blue suit) and other important folks were there to grace the occasion.
 The delegates from Rwanda formed a choir of its kind and things came out really great
         The Njiro SDA Choir were dressed for a serious task of worshiping God through songs
The New Lecture Theater was not only decorated by flowers, red and yellow cloth stripes but also with people

It was a moment of picture taking.  Welcome to University of Arusha, it has really changed in these days


Written By Mussa Muneja on Sunday, 10 August 2014 | 22:24

                             "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have" Teddy Roosevelt
When God wanted to send Moses for mission which would change the entire world history, he asked Moses, what do you have in your hands? Moses almost said that he had nothing, he remembered that he had a staff (stick)! God used the simple instrument to part the the red sea--a miracle that has never happened, neither will it repeat! So what do you have in your hands? What talents do you have? What education do you have? How many colleagues do you have? How many friends do you have? And how many.......! Go ahead today and change the world!

So Many Job Opportunities to Choose From

  • Retail Sales Manager
    Dar Es Salaam 

    Apply Before: 15 Aug 2014
  • Genius Consultancy - HRM Consultants & Recruiters
  • Secretary
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  • petromark africa limited
  • Communications
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  • Chemonics International 
  • National Dialogue
    Dar Es Salaam 

    Apply Before: 15 Aug 2014
  • Chemonics International 

How not to Give Up

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any--Alice Walker
The late Mandela believed that he had inherent power to bring change in South Africa. He believed it. It was a matter of time, the rest remains to be history that he changed South Africa and the World at large! So dear viewer, you are endowed by God a power to change the world. On the first first incidence, you need to allow God to re-direct and re-focus your power, then you can move to the people around you and later the world!

So Many Banks to Choose From. Apply Today

Written By Mussa Muneja on Tuesday, 29 July 2014 | 23:56

  • Sales Manager
    Dar Es Salaam 

    Apply Before: 06 Aug 2014
  • Enrich Africa (T) ltd
  • Salesman
    Dar Es Salaam 

    Apply Before: 07 Aug 2014
  • Bonite Bottlers Ltd
  • Internal auditor 
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    Apply Before: 30 Jul 2014
  • Mkombozi Commercial Bank PLC 
  • Finance Officer
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    Apply Before: 30 Jul 2014
  • Mkombozi Commercial Bank PLC 
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  • Mkombozi Commercial Bank PLC 
  • Loan Officers 
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  • AccessBank Tanzania 
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  • AccessBank Tanzania 
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  • AccessBank Tanzania 
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  • Enrich Africa (T) ltd

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