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Marriage is Like a Garden

Written By Mussa Muneja on Wednesday, 29 April 2015 | 05:36

Marriage is like a garden
It needs God, who is the founder of all gardens since Eden
It needs the soil of uncompromising heart be broken down into small clods
It needs continuous flowing water of romantic words
It needs viable seeds of unconditional love, trust, transparency
It needs seedlings which grow in straight rows of marriage vows
It needs the manure of experience to support the plants
It needs continuous removal of weeds of misunderstanding
It needs orchards of pomegranates to provide shades of peace
It needs queen of the night trees to provide sweet fragrance
It needs a sunshine of happiness
It needs fresh air of contentment
It needs fencing from male and female crop destroyers
It needs its fruits of love be harvested and eaten while ripe and fresh
It needs a fulltime caretaker
Joyce is the garden

Mussa is the fulltime caretaker
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