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"Mussa S. Muneja is an energetic, result-oriented go-getter. To place anything in his hands is to consider it done. I would recommend him without reservation for academic, leadership and marketing oriented job."
Musa W. DubeProfessor at University of Botswana

"Dr. Muneja is a very person I have known for more than four years, and he is a very progressive and hard working colleague."
Lydia KisakyeDirector of Quality Assurance, The University of Arusha

"Mussa is an exemplary team leader, able to inspire and encourage a team in hard times and in moments of despair. He is energetic and charismatic. I will not hesitate to recommend Musa for any leadership position."
John P MoshaCEO & Managing Consultant at Improved Africa Limited


Dr Mussa Muneja is one of the gifted member of our Family. With reference to his profile, it is quite correct that he has undergone a marathon (long distance way) life struggle. In this race he has reached an academic achievement to work with the International Community as one of the Scientific Researchers. In our Family, Dr Muneja has become a Pyramid Pillar. We are all joining our hands together to pray to his Almighty God so that he reaches his dreams and goals successfully.

Andrew Muneja Sr, Sports Pedagogy Consultant


      Academic Criteria
I attained tertiary education at the University of Eastern Africa Baraton (BA Theology 1988-2003); University of Botswana (MA Theology and Religious Studies, 2005-2006), University of South Africa (Doctor of Theology, 2009-2011), University of Dar es Salaam (Postgraduate Diploma in Education, 2011). I am currently on progress for M ED (Curriculum Design) at UNISA, a program that will end in 2015.

Research Criteria
I am a recipient and a nominee of various international awards.  This happened when my Masters studies were sponsored by UNDP based on research competence (2005-2006). I was part of researchers who won a research grant worth USD$ 500,000 from NIH. It was a joint effort between University of Botswana and University of Pennsylvania (2007). I became the nominee under the award of the best emerging academic in the Faculty of Humanities; University of Botswana (2008). I was also a recipient of University of South Africa Postgraduate Bursary, which covered both tuition and stipend for doctoral studies (2009-2011). These unprecedented achievements come from the background of passion in research and commitment in accomplishing goals before the official time. For example in both his MA and Doctoral studies were finished in record time.  Currently, I am building research skills to strengthen my teaching and research skills.

Below are my published articles

“Tswana Religion.” Encyclopedia of African Religion. Edited by Molefi Kete Asante and Ama Mazama. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2008.

‘To keep a Holy Distance or Not—Contested Old Testament Debate Between Healing Ministries and ARV Treatment.’ General Education Journal,  1, 1 (2012), 15-30.

Review of Barry L. Callen, Beneath the Surface: Reclaiming the Old Testament for Today’s Christian, Andrews University Seminary Studies, 50, 2 (2012), 309-311.

Review of Stefan Hoschelle, Christian Remnant—African Folk Church: Seventh-Day Adventism in Tanzania 1903-1980, Andrews University Seminary Studies, 50, 2 (2012), 313-316.

Church Response in HIV/AIDS Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa: Issues and Alternatives. A Case Study From Gaborone, General Journal of Education,  2, 2 (2013), 26-38.

"HIV/AIDS and the Bible in Tanzania:  A Contextual Re-reading of 2 Samuel 13-14:33;" Edited by. Joachim Kugler, Lovemore Togarasei and Ezra Chitando in BIAS Series, Bemberg: Bemberg  University Press, 2013.
      Teaching Criteria
I have shown competence in developing content based curriculum. In tenure of 5 years of working as a lecturer I have designed 5 courses which have found its way in the university official curriculum, these include: HIV/AIDS and Religion, HIV/AIDS Biblical Hermeneutics, History of SDA Church in Tanzania, African Theological Thought and Issues in Ecumenism. The landmark achieved for this office is drafting the first research policy as well sensitizing research agenda among students. I thank God that my expertise transcends the normal theological curriculum since, I have been frequently asked to present short seminars on business plans, project proposals, research proposals; skills for maximising success in academics etc.

I have spent the year 2012 in USA where I was attending a Sabbatical leave in a premier Adventist University. The responsibilities included (but not limited to)lecturing, attending faculty meetings, attending dissertation chairs’ meetings, ex-member for doctoral defenses, publication and any other arising duties as assigned by the Dean.

Service Criteria
Regardless of all of these academic and teaching assignments, still God has been working in my life. The University has sent me outside the country three times with students for service. In 1998 I led a group of THISDASO Students to ECD retreat in Rwanda. In 1999, I led a group of students to ECD Retreat in Baraton, Kenya. In 2010 I led a small group of two students to Uganda for evangelistic meetings.

Academic Leadership
In addition to that, I founded of Department of Research and Publication (ORIP) at University of Arusha in 2008. In 2012 I was again to be asked by University of Arusha to be the first Director of  External Linkage and Extension Services. This directorate has a function of coordinating Institutional collaborative research, consultancy and consortia.

Beyond these words of achievement, let me hasten to add: to the only God, our Saviour through Jesus Christ our Lord be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen (Jude1:25 RSV)

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